Athens, Greece

Acropolis Area

The Acropolis and the sites around it is one of the most visited sites in Greece. The area makes for a spectacular run — we recommend going early to avoid the crowds and the heat…or alternatively, it is spectacularly lit at night.

One of the benefits of running in this area is that there are several pedestrian only zones. From the Acropoli metro station across from the Acropolis Museum, Dionysiou Areopagitou is a wonderful route surrounding the Acropolis, passing by the Acropolis Museum, the Herodou Attikou Theatre, connecting at Apostolou Pavlou and finishing at Thiseio and the Ancient Agora, right in front of the railway station (Thiseio). These pedestrian only streets are lined with cafes and shops, and are good for running.

Dionysiou Areopagitou. Source: theTravelPorter

It is hard to design a specific route here, as there are multiple paths. Dionysiou Areopagitou to Apostolou Pavlou, plus a path to the Acropolis is about 1.5 miles one way. There are multiple paths from the base that lead to the Acropolis.

To extend the run, head downhill and connect to the paths that leads up to Philopappou Hill (green line) and try multiple paths on the hill. There are 2-3 miles of gently rolling footpaths here. Sites include Πνύκα, Soctates Prison, and Theatro Doras Stratou.


Another add-on option: The National Gardens, which is 1.5 km west of the Parthenon.

National Gardens Run Tour







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  • 1.5 miles one way combining Dionysiou Areopagitou to Apostolou Pavlou, plus a path to the Acropolis; multiple add-on options
  • 576 Feet
  • Acropoli metro or other point in area
  • Metro: Acropoli, Monastiraki, Thissio