Sydney, Australia

Bondi to Coogee

If you prefer seaside runs, this route cannot be missed! Famous Bondi Beach is about 10k west of the CBD. Beginning at Bondi Pavilion head south to follow the coastal path to Coogee (pronounced “kuh-jee”) Beach. Along the way, you will pass 225-million-year-old sandstone cliffs, aboriginal rock carvings at Mackenzie’s Point, the historic Waverly Cemetery, beautiful beaches (and beachgoers) as well as the clam waters of Clovelly and Gordon’s Bay. The path is well maintained and has numerous rest rooms and water fountains along the way. If you’re up for a long run turn around and run back to Bondi. However, if 4 miles is enough you have the option to take the bus 362 back to Bondi Road (just a short walk to the staring point), or lines 372, 373 or 374 will take you back to the city. Before you go anywhere, make sure you enjoy Coogee. Take a dip in the ocean and enjoy one of the many local cafés (I recommend Barzura café).

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  • 4.1 miles one-way
  • 276 feet
  • Bondi Beach
  • Served by bus