Boston, MA

East Boston/Airport

If you get stuck staying at one of the Logan Airport hotels, don’t despair! There is fantastic running in East Boston, right out your door. A seamless path along the water runs from the Hyatt Harborside hotel, 1.5 miles to Marginal St. There are great views of the water and the Boston skyline, as the path heads along the HarborWalk past the Hyatt hotel, fishing docks, and then the very pleasant Piers Park. After 1.5 miles, connect to the East Boston Greenway, an off-road pedestrian path, which runs for about another mile through East Boston, into Bremen Street Park, terminating at the East Boston branch library.

The whole route is 2.6 miles one way, or 5.2 miles there and back. For an add-on, hop off the Greenway path at the Airport ‘T’ Station, and do a loop around East Boston Memorial Park and the stadium, which adds about 1/2 mile. There’s a terrific 1/4 mile track in Memorial Park.

This is a nice enough ‘destination’ run that even if you’re not staying at one of the airport hotels, there’s decent parking in the area, or take the Blue Line to Maverick or Airport (10 minutes from downtown at Aquarium or Government Ctr.), which gets you right on the trail.

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  • 2.6 miles ONE-WAY form Hyatt Harborside to Bremen St. Park
  • Flat
  • Fom airport hotels, or Blue Line T: Airport or Maverick.