Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

White Rock Lake Trail

The White Rock Lake Trail is located in northeast Dallas, about 5–7 miles from downtown. It is probably “the” destination run in the Dallas area. The perimeter trail follows about 9.6 miles around the 1,200 acre reservoir. Numerous other activities are enjoyed in White Rock Lake park, such as boating, kayaking, and disc golf. There’s also a cultural center, Audubon preserve, Arboretum, and the White Rock Lake Museum.

There are numerous access points for White Rock Lake. It’s not that easy to make the route shorter if you want to do a loop. Best to pick “a section”. There are bathrooms and water, mainly along the east side of the trail.

White Rock Lake Map

There are good options to extend the run along the White Rock Creek trail greenbelt at the north end of the lake, which runs 7.5 miles, and also connect to the Cottonwood Creek Trail.

  • ~9 miles around the whole perimeter, with options to extend
  • Highland Park, TX, United States