Lima, Peru

Los Malecónes / Costa Verde

The boardwalk, or Malecón, along the coastline in Lima’s Miraflores Barranco areas, is one of the most popular spots for running in the city. It’s not so much a “boardwalk” as it is a wide concrete sidewalk, but it’s a great place to exercise that includes nice city parks, continuous water views to the west, and towering coastal cliffs to the east. Most runners stick to the “central” part of the neighborhood between Parque del Amor and Larcomar, but you can continue south on the walkway all the way to the Herradura vista — about 5.5 miles one way.

To the north, more walkways continue through Costa Verde along Av. Costanera. This long section almost constitutes a separate route.

If you tire of the Malecónes, a dirt path parallels the freeway along the cliffs, following more or less the same trajectory. This path also offers opportunities to divert onto the beach, though not all sections of the sand are ideal for running.

  • Two ~5 mile (8 km) one-way sections
  • Flexible -- anywhere along the coastal road
  • Circuito de Playas