Lisbon, Portugal

Eduardo VII Park & Green Corridor

At 65 acres, Eduardo VII Park is close to central Lisbon, and is the beginning of a ‘green corridor’ that stretches to Monsanto Park. The centerpiece of the park is the 0.6 km (0.4 mile) central walk with box hedges and a good variety of trees series, leading into the park. Within the park are a few trails, somewhat hilly,  leading to the  top, featuring the largest flag in Portugal (20×12 meters!). There are good views from this point. The park features a lake, a cold greenhouse, and a restaurant.

The central walk plus park trails comprise about 1 mile. For a longer run, a good bet is to take the ‘green corridor’, which is a recently completed ‘linear park’ that goes for about 2 miles all the way to Monsanto Park. This is a dedicated trail most of the way, with a couple of road connections. The trail starts at the northern end of the park, off Rua Marquês de Fronteira .

  • Central Walk + Park is ~1.7 km (1 mile). Add-on: ~1 mile 'Corredor Verde'
  • Central walk is flat. Park trails a bit hilly
  • Marquês de Pombal
  • Metro: Marquês de Pombal or Parque (Az line)