Boulder, CO

Mt. Sanitas Loop

This is one of the more challenging, yet accessible trail runs near Boulder. Located on the western edge of Boulder about 2 miles from downtown, the Mt. Sanitas trails are extremely popular among runners, walkers, mountain bikers, and hikers. The 3.8 mile loop starts at Sunshine Lake, climbing to Sunshine Canyon. Enjoy a wonderful variety of wild flowers, wildlife, and (especially) all different kinds of birds.

From here, you’ll take the Sunshine Valley Trail up to the top of the mountain. This is where you’ll be able to develop that strength and endurance, and where your lung capacity will truly be tested! Yet, don’t get discouraged, because once you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of the Foothills, to the high peaks, and all of Boulder. After catching your breath and snapping some pics, follow the East Ridge Trail for about a half mile, until hitting the Mt. Sanitas Trail.

At this point, you’ll be glad to follow the Mt. Sanitas Trail down to the bottom of the mountain, enjoying the beautiful scenery, refreshing breeze, and the mountain all around.

Note: very hilly and steep run, 1246 feet elevation gain in 3.8 miles, and starts at 5,800 feet

  • 3.8 mile loop
  • 1246 feet - up to 20% grade
  • Sunshine Lake
  • less than 3 miles northwest of Boulder