St. Louis, MO

Outside St. Louis: Queeny Park, Castlewood Park, Katy Trail

Queeny Park

About twelve miles west of the city in nearby Chesterfield and Ballwin is Edgar M. Queeny County Park, or Queeny Park. This former estate is now covered with 569 acres of off-road and paved trails, and hosts art fairs during the spring time. Popular among trail runners, the exterior loop covers four miles and is great for those staying a little further west of the city.

Castlewood State Park

Located even further west of St. Louis, Castlewood State park covers over 1800 acres, and serves as one of the top destinations for recreational wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts in the eastern Missouri area. Frequented by boaters, mountain bikers, and hikers, the popular retreat offers many opportunities for runners, especially those looking for trails and looking for something a little outside the city limits. There are numerous trails of moderate to rugged difficulty, from 1.5 to nearly 7 miles. See link for detailed trail information.

Castlewood Park Trails

Katy Trail (near airport)

If you are staying near the Lambert International Airport, the Katy Trail is a seven mile drive to the parking lots in Clinton, Warrensburg, or Sedalia. The Katy Trail is a famed cycling and nature trail covering 250 miles across the eastern part of Missouri, with many turn-off points. Unfortunately, due to interstate highways, there are no direct running or cycling routes from the airport to the trail itself.