Tel Aviv, Israel

Waterfront Promenade

Running along the Mediterranean is the iconic Tel Aviv run. There are wonderful views of the beach and the water, with high rises and hotels on the inland side. A nearly 4-mile promenade runs from Tel Aviv Port in the North to the old Port of Jaffa in the south. Highlights, from north to south include: the Marina, at the 1-mile mark, Charles Clore Garden, the St. Archangel Michael Monastery, and Jaffa Port. A nice ~1 mile add-on is around Midron Yaffo Park, just south of Jaffa Port. On the north side near Tel Aviv port, you can connect to the wonderful trails of Yakron Park along the Yakron River. The promenade can get crowded, especially on weekends. Also, this is a great run to do at sunset!

The beach can also be excellent for running — wide, with good, packed sand.


  • 4.75 miles One-Way from Tel Aviv Port to Old Jaffa and Midron Yaffo Park
  • 128 feet
  • Tel Aviv Port or any poing along the way