Vancouver, BC

Near Airport/Cambie: Middle Arm & West Dyke Trails

A good bet near the airport area hotels in Cambie is to run along the Dyke trail, east of Terra Nova Park. The trail starts just west of Cambie Rd., and runs parallel to River Rd., passing the Olympic Oval and the UBC boat house. It is 3 miles one-way to Terra Nova Park, where the West Dyke trail can be picked up, heading south for another 3.5 miles to Garry Point Park. It’s another 0.5 miles to Steveston Village.

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  • 3 miles from one way Cambie to Terra Nova Park; 7 miles one-way from Cambie to Steveston
  • Flat
  • Trail starts at Cambie Rd. & River Rd., near airport hotels.