Jacksonville, FL

Durbin Creek Peninsula Preserve Trail

Brought to you by USA Track & Field, this trail run starts off St. Augustine Road in Bartram Park, located in South Jacksonville. It has been said to be one of the best off-road courses in the Jacksonville Area. The map shows a six mile course, but can be 7 miles with out and back section between 3 and 4 miles as shown on map. There is also a three mile loop that you can run if you go to the next right after the two mile mark. Colored spray paint on the trees helps mark your way through the foliage.

The preserve is uniquely located on a peninsula formed at the confluence of Julington and Durbin Creeks. It provides visitors with several natural communities ranging from sandhill in higher regions to the lower flatwood communities, to lush floodplain swamp and marshes.

  • 5.7 mile loop
  • Bartram Park Development - off Bartram Park Blvd., just south of Old St. Augustine Rd.