The 565-acre Fort Monroe National Monument is one of our favorite spots for running in Norfolk. Originally explored in 1607, Fort Monroe is the largest stone fort built in the United States. It is a barrier spit of land, with water on all three sides, featuring 8 miles of of waterfront and 3 miles of beaches. Wonderful, scenic running!

There are lots of running options here. A route incorporating the ~2 mile paved waterfront path, the National Monument, and a loop around Fort Monroe and some of the historic buildings is about 5 miles. There are also some wonderful fields, good for interval practices! The beaches are good for running too, but not that long/continuous and the sand is not always ideal. In all, one could put together 8-10 mile in here. There are facilities, and beaches with lifeguards.

  • Our mapped route is 5 miles (8 km)
  • Flat, except for section around fort is a little hilly
  • In the park