Salt Lake City

North Salt Lake City Rail Trails

There are several longer-distance ‘rail trails’ that are located to the west or north Salt Lake City that runners can enjoy:

The Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail begins in Coalville, just 40 miles northeast of Salt Lake City. The gravel path runs 28 miles south through an eponymous state park with great views of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons, and wetland meadows. The closest trailhead to the city is at Pace Frontage Road, but there is also access in Park City. ROUTE MAP

The Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail connects Salt Lake City to the northern suburb of Ogden. It’s 23.5 miles of asphalt, known for great bird-watching and a suburban field. The section through Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area is the choice segment, but runners can also connect to other points in the greater Utah Golden Spoke Network. TRAIL INFO.

A 14 mile commuter path in North Salt Lake City, the Legacy Parkway Trail may seem utilitarian. However, this route encompasses all the splendor of the surrounding Wasatch Mountain scenery. It connects to both the Jordon River Parkway and the Denver and Rio Grande Western Trail. TRAIL INFO.

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