Wellington, New Zealand

Hutt River Trail Bridge Loop

If you are not interested in the Lord of the Rings sites, the Hutt River Trail provides many other great running opportunities. The trail runs on both sides of the river and there are nine bridges along the trail which offer many opportunities for short loops. One of the locals favorite loops begins at Avalon Park. Use Harcourt Werry Dr. to connect to the Hutt River Trail and follow the path for about 2.5 miles until you reach the Ewen Bridge. Cross over the river and loop back on the West side of the river. When you reach Kennedy Good Bridge, cross to return to the start. If you want to further explore this area, create your own route referencing this MAP.

Note:  This trail is said to be notoriously unsafe after dark.

View Map: 24 mile trail


  • 5.1 miles out and back
  • Fairly flat
  • Avalon Park
  • Reachable by bus