Lisbon, Portugal

Belém Tower to Alcântara Docks

The run between Belém Tower and Alcântara has it all: lovely riverside path, beautiful gardens, and several important landmarks  and museums. Belém is about 8km west of the city center and reachable by bus or tram. The most pleasant stretch is the riverside path between the tower and just short of the Ponte 25 de Abril, which looks like a mini Golden Gate Bridge. Add an extra 0.8 miles to get to the Alcântara docks, using the main road.

Belém Tower is a medieval fortified tower on a tiny river island. You’ll run by the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, and then the National Coach Museum and then the MAAT, a museum dedicated to dedicated to arts, technology and architecture. To continue, get off the path and onto the main road, going under the bridge and along a good sidewalk. The LxFactory is an arty shopping area, and then turn around near the FUNDAÇÃO ORIENTE MUSEU, collection of Portugese and Asian Art. Retrace your steps back, and for variety, run through the gorgeous Jardim de Belém, with its manicured gardens and wide paths. Landmarks include the Museu da Presidência da República, the Jerónimos Monastery (a World Heritage site), and an archaeology museum and a modern art museum. For the full river run, it’s nearly five miles from Cais do Sodre and the Belém Tower.

Full Riverside Run


  • 9.3 km (5.7 miles) RT. Shorter if just the riverside path is taken; Full riverside route from Cais do Sodre and the Belém Tower is 7.5 km one-way
  • 153 feet
  • Belém tower at west end; Alcântara Docks at east end
  • Reachable by bus or tram. Train stops at Belém and Alcântara Mar