Lisbon, Portugal

Tejo River Route: Cais do Sodré to Belem

This run has it all: lovely riverside running with great views of the 25 Abril Bridge bridge, several important landmarks and museums, and the manicured Jardim de Belem. The full riverside route in the old part of Lisbon goes for nearly 5 miles one way between centrally located Cais do Sodré and the Belem Tower. Most of the route is along a dedicated riverside path, although there are a couple of sections along the road and around buildings — just follow the bike path signs. The most spectacular section on the water is west of the Bridge. The surface alternates between paved, limestone, and cobblestone. One great option is to run one way and take the light rail back — which only takes 15 minutes and has three stops along the way! It’s nice at sunset as you head west toward Belem. Lit at night.

Key distances, starting at Cais do Sodré (km/mi), and heading west, cumulatively:

  • 0.8/0.5    Santos Station
  • 1.6/1.0      Museo Nacional de Arte Antica
  • 2.4./1.5     Museum of Asian Art/Alcântara Docks (leave path)
  • 3.2/2.0     Alcântara/Ponte 25 de Abril (Bridge)
  • 5.5/3.4     Electricity museum, Coach Museum, Jardim, Museum of Modern Art, Train Sta.
  • 6.1/3.8      Padrão dos Descobrimentos (statue)
  • 7.5/4.7     Belem Tower

For variety, you can leave the riverside path and head through the Jardim de Belem, with ~1km of manicured gardens and wide paths. Landmarks include the Museu da Presidência da República, the Jerónimos Monastery (a World Heritage site), an archaeology museum and a modern art museum.
Note: Pedestrians are not allowed across the 25 Abril Bridge, except the EDP Half Marathon, when 35,000 runners do it….

Video Tour: River Run: All Sections & Other Lisbon Highlights (35 min.)

  • 7.5 km (4.7 miles) one-way between Cais do Sodré and the Belem Tower
  • 135 feet
  • East End, closest to Lisbon center: Cais do Sodré. West End: Belem Tower
  • The Cascais tram line runs along the route. East end stop: Cais do Sodré; West end: Belem