Amherst & Northampton, MA

Cushman Corner (Amherst)

Laura LaRose

The winding route out to Cushman Corner is a nice tour of the quieter side of Amherst. It covers mostly residential streets, with nice field and mountain views from a series of rolling hills. Starting from the north end of downtown (near Kendrick Park) it’s about 6 miles. Head north on East Pleasant Street, then take a RIGHT onto Strong Street where you’ll pass a school and crest a hill. The views are great as you run downhill and over the train tracks to North East Street. Take a left onto North East Street, running past fields and farms, then around the curve to Henry Street. (The shoulder becomes narrow here, so use caution although traffic is very light). When you reach Pine Street, take a LEFT, over the train tracks and past colorful Cushman Market, then turn LEFT again on East Pleasant Street. This nice residential stretch, past historic cemeteries and the Orchard Hill/Central residential areas of UMass eventually links up with a walkway that leads straight back to town.

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  • 6 miles
  • 393 feet
  • Kendrick Park
  • Triangle Street Bus Stop