Amherst & Northampton, MA

Amethyst Brook Conservation Area

Sam Moore

There are numerous trails and conservation paths throughout Amherst, but one of the best for a fairly flat and non-technical trail run is Amethyst Brook. These waterfront trails, which include a community garden and several wooden bridges, are a popular dog walking spot. Combine the main Dorie Goldman Trail with the Robert Frost Trail for a nice loop of about 2.5 miles. Ambitious trail runners may want to continue east on the red-orange blazed Robert Frost Trail, which continues a modest climb to the top of Mount Orient for an excellent vista of Amherst below.

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  • 2 miles or 3.7 miles
  • Up to 669 feet
  • Amethyst Brook Parking Area (Pelham Road)
  • Thayer Street Bus Stop