Amherst & Northampton, MA

Mount Holyoke College

Mass Office of Travel and Tourism

The campus of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley is compact, but the historic architecture of iconic clock towers, brick dormitories, and wrought iron gates makes it a worthwhile run. Two ponds on the east side of campus are an added bonus, as is the adorable commercial strip of College Street. Our short route clocks in at about 2.4 miles. 

For a longer run, there are nice sidewalks to add-on along Route 47, Route 116, and Woodbridge Ave. A good “add on” option is to complete the Mount Holyoke Campus route, turn RIGHT (north) up Route 116, then bear LEFT onto Woodbridge Ave. Use “The Knolls” a scenic paved residential road on your RIGHT to cut across back to Route 116, then turn RIGHT onto 116 to return to the start at College Street. This extends the route to 4.8 miles.

  • 2.4 miles
  • 128 feet
  • College Street and Hadley Street
  • South Hadley Center Bus Stop