Nova Scotia: All Routes

Annapolis Royal Tour and Trail

Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal. Wikimedia Commons: paulhami

Annapolis Royal is a lovely waterfront community located in the heart of Nova Scotia’s fertile Annapolis Valley. It’s a popular spot for visitors, owing it the beautiful shoreline, historic fort, and vibrant arts & cultural scene. Our 8 km ‘runseeing’ has excellent variety. Another option is to run for several km along the Annapolis County Rail Trail.

‘Runseeing Tour’. Start in the center of town and enjoy 2 km of lovely waterfront views along St. George St. Then get your heart rate going with a ~ 1 km loop around the path of Fort Anne National Historic Site. Use St. George St. to connect to the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, and enjoy a 1 km loop of the paths. Returning to the main road, connect with the Annapolis County Rail Trail, and run a brief western jaunt over the river to enjoy the view, and then return east to the French Basin. Run the pleasant 1.5 km loop around the basin and return to the start.

Annapolis County Rail Trail. This is part of a longer rail trail that follows much of the western side of Nova Scotia. It’s a wide and very runnable trail, with many km in either direction. Run north for up to 22.5 km north to Bridgewater, following the Annapolis River. Or, run south for 7 km  to Upper Clements Provincial Park, or 13 km to Clementsport.


  • Runseeing Tour is 8 km (5 miles); Rail Trail many km north or south
  • Runseeing Tour: 42m (138 feet)
  • Center of town, Drury St.