Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City Boardwalk & Beach

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This Iconic oceanfront boardwalk has been a fixture since 1870. The wooden boardwalk runs for 5.8 miles. It’s a festive scene, especially in season, with the Atlantic City’s famous casinos at the northern end, and numerous shops and restaurants along the way. The northern end starts at the Atlantic City Aquarium, in the area of some of Atlantic City’s major casinos. The southern end is at St. Martindale Ave. & Atlantic Ave. The ‘center’ of the boardwalkmis off Rt.40/N. Albany Ave., where you can go 2 miles south, or 4 miles north. Bonus: The entire boardwalk is lit.

It’s a wide boardwalk, so there’s plenty of room for pedestrians, runners, and those on bicycle. We should note that the ocean is a bit more in the distance…one can see the water along some of the way, but the primary view tends to be more grasses/beach.

Creative Commons: Bruce Emmerling

Beach Running. The ~8 mile beach is wide and good for running, with firm sand near the water, depending on tides. The beach starts ~1 mile south of the northern end of the boardwalk, and extends for another 3 miles from its southern end. TIDE CHART


  • Boardwalk is 5.8 miles one-way. Beach is up to ~8 miles

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  • Boardwalk is 5.8 miles one-way. Beach is up to ~8 miles