Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Domain

Wikimedia Commons

Aucklanders refer to their parks as “domains,” which we love. We also love this popular loop through Auckland Domain — which is the equivalent of Auckland’s Central Park. We’ve mapped a loop that traverses the 75 hectare (185 acre) park’s best features, including a look at The Auckland War Memorial Museum, a quaint pond, and a run down Lover’s Lane — a fantastic track whether you’re running with your sweetheart or flying solo. Other park features include the Wintergarden, with two beautiful glass houses, and the crater all of the explosion crater and most of the surrounding tuff ring of the Pukekawa volcano. Instead of our loop, you can also do your own route of the 5-6 km of paths.

You can park at the museum and choose your route from there, or come straight from town. The park is easily accessible, large enough to keep exploring but small enough that it’s hard to get lost.


  • 4.4 km (2.75 mile) loop, or construct your own route
  • 173 feet
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum
  • Come straight from downtown, or park at the War Memorial Museum; The Link bus service stops at the Domain and there is the nearby Grafton train station.