Bali, Indonesia

Kuta Beach Area

Wikimedia Commons

The Kuta Beach area offers some of the best running options in Bali. Kuta Beach itself is a popular, wide expanse of beach, populated by numerous resorts and other development. There are excellent beach and boardwalk running options headed north or south from Kuta Beach. The beach is generally good for running. Wide, with a firm sand surface near the water. See the tide chart for best conditions.

South to Jerman Beach. A paved boardwalk path runs for 2.5 km south to Segara Beach and then to Jerman Beach, near the airport. Great water views and very festive. One can also run on the beach itself in this direction.

North to Seminyak. It’s  5 km one-way from Kuta Beach, through Legian, to near the W Hotel in Seminyak. Great beach running! Also, it’s possible to run along the road. JL. Pantai Kuta from Kuta Beach to Legian, is busier but there’s a sidewalk/bike lane. North of Legian, the road (JL. Pantai Legian) becomes quieter, and more enjoyable for running — it almost feels like a pedestrian-only path.


  • Kuta Beach to Jerman Beach: 2.5 km one-way; Kuta Beach to W Hotel, Seminyak: 5.6 km one-way
  • Flat
  • Anu point. Good Kuta Beach starting point is Jl. Pantai Kuta