Birmingham, UK

Lickey Hills

Lickey Hills are offer 500 acres of trail running opportunity 10 miles southwest of Birmingham. Though the Lickey Hills trails sound like a tough technical run, the paths there are actually wide, graded, and springy. As long as it’s not too wet and muddy of a day, this course is perfect for even a beginning trail runner. The hills are fairly gentle, but they come on surely steadily, making for a fantastic course to shake up your normal routine. They are, however, high enough to offer wide panoramic views of Birmingham and the countryside beyond. We haven’t designed a specific route. Our advice is to start from the Visitor’s center and head up Beacon Hill. You can also head on to adjoining Cofton Park for a longer run. Note: If you are new to trail running, there is a fun introductory session held regularly in the park.

  • Varies
  • Hilly
  • Visitors Center
  • Parking: End of Warren Lane off Rose Hill. Bus: Parish Hall Bus Stop to Warren Lane