Coastal Trail. Google Street View

Bolinas is 6 miles north of Stinson Beach and borders a pretty lagoon. There are some good running spots here:

Beach Running. Agate Beach is a pretty, rugged beach with gorgeous dunes in the background. Sand tends to be soft. Beach goes on for several miles, running into Palomarin Beach. Can be narrow during storms.

Road Running. Some pleasant, fairly flat running in on the dirt roads and paths around Bolinas Park and the Bolinas Quail Refuge. Can put together 4-5 miles here.

You can also run along 5-mile Mesa Rd. 4.75 miles one-way to the Palomarin Trailhead. 340 foot climb. It’s a bit quieter, and mainly inland (no real water views), but not too steep. Note: no shoulder.  MAP

Trail Running: The Coast Trail from Bolinas is gorgeous, alternating between wide open views and some wooded sections. It’s runnable —  narrow, but good footing. The first 1.5 miles from the Palomarin Trailhead is fairly flat. After that it gets hillier. We’ve mapped the 4 miles one-way to Alamare Falls (666 foot gain), but you could keep going.



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