Boston - South Shore

Scituate – Waterside and Lighthouse Loop

Scituate is a pretty coastal town located between Boston and Plymouth. There is very nice waterside running here, using Oceanside Rd. & Jericho Rd. to run out to the historic Scituate Lighthouse and past the Scituate Harbor and Marina. We’ve mapped a route along Oceanside Rd., the northern end starting off 1st Ave. Head south for 1 mile, as Oceanside turns into Turner Rd. You’ll then do a ~1 mile loop around Cedar Point, out to the Lighthouse, using Lighthouse Rd. & Rebecca Rd. Nice water views much of the way, and some pretty homes. This area of Scituate tends to get battered during “Nor’easter” storms, and you’ll see evidence of homes on pilings, sea walls, and debris.

For a 4-mile out and back option, head back here. For a 6.6 mile option, continue south along Jericho Rd., following the water for 1.4 miles, passing Museum Beach, to the intersection with First Parish Rd./Edward Foster Rd. Very nice views of Scituate Harbor.

Add-On: Nice side streets off Oceanside Rd.

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  • Up to 6.6 miles out and back
  • Flat
  • Any point along Oceanside Rd. or Jericho Rd.
  • Car needed; Commuter rail is 2-3 miles away