Bozeman, MT

College ‘M’ Trail

This is a fun and scenic but super-challenging hike/run to a unique spot — a giant ‘M’ sign representing Montana State University. The ‘Trail to M’ starts off Bridger Canyon Rd., about 4 miles north of downtown. It is a 1.8 mile loop, climbing 800 feet in over 1 mile, with 10-11% grades. The terrain is open and scenic. The descent is short and super steep — use caution!  For more, Bridger Canyon Rd. is scenic, but the road has no shoulder, so use caution.

Runners can access the trailhead from the city on the Bozeman to Bridger Mountains Trail. It’s a paved 2 mile segment of the “Main Street to Mountains” System, beginning from the Story Mill Spur. 

There are other trails in this area — but these are definitely for trail running and can be quite hilly and challenging. From the College ‘M’ Trail, the Bridger Foothills Trail continues north toward Baldy Mountain. Just across Bridger Canyon Rd., on the south side, is the Drinking Horse Hill Trail.



  • 1.8 mile loop
  • 800 feet, 10-11% grades
  • Trailhead is just off off Bridger Canyon Rd., 4 miles north of downtown
  • Parking at trailhead