Branson, MO

Ozark Mountain High Road

Considered an American Scenic Byway, the Ozark Mountain Highroad is a popular spot for cyclists and runners to get a sense of the Ozarks. The Highroad is state highway 465, which begins five miles north of Branson off US 65 and travels seven miles to state highway 76.

The road is windy and hilly, and two lanes in each direction — there are lots of fast-moving cars, but there’s a decent shoulder for running. This is also a hilly run, climbing nearly 1,000 feet over the 7 miles one-way. There are two long climbs: about 1.5 miles starting at the 1.1 mile mark, and a steep mile toward the end, approaching Highway 76. Though this is a busy road, it’s a good opportunity to get in a long run with minimal directions and good views.


  • 7 miles one-way
  • 972 feet on 7 miles one-way starting at Highway 65
  • Highway 465 starts 5 miles north of Brandson off Highway 65
  • There is a parking area