Hamptons, NY (The Hamptons)

Bridgehampton & Sagaponack Highlights

Source: Onehealthyhamptons.com

This run covers the highlights of Bridgehampton and Sagaponack, using the course of the Bridgehampton Half Marathon, organized by Run the Hamptons every April. It’s a lovely course, combining farmland and ocean. The route includes a good section in the neighboring village of Sagaponack. You can follow this route, or use it as a guide to enjoy some of the most pleasant roads in the area.

The first is a loop around Bridgehampton, including the farmland along Hasley Ln., Pauls Ln., and Highland Terrace. Then, you’ll do a about 5 miles along some of the toniest streets of┬áSagaponack, including Daniel’s Ln. and Parsonage Lane. Make your way back to Bridgehampton using Sagg Main St. & Sagaponack Rd., and then enjoy the final three mile loop around Ocean Rd., Mecox Rd., and back along Hasley Ln.

Options: For a shorter run, use this course as a guide to the better roads for running in the area. It’s also easy to divide this course into a ‘Bridgehampton Loop’ and a Sagaponack Loop. In Sagaponack, a lovely ‘estates’ run is to do the 5 or so miles along the lanes: Hedges, Parsonage, and Daniel’s.

  • 12.9 miles for full route; Can break it up into Bridgehampton and Sagaponack sections
  • 238 feet for Half-Marathon route
  • Center of Bridgehampton if you're following the route
  • Ample parking