Burgundy, France

Auxerre Tour and Coulée Verte

Donald Judge

Auxerre is the fourth largest city in Burgundy and is charming. For runners, there’s a waterfront promenade along the Yonne River, tree lined paths along historic walls and wrought iron gates, and a variety of interesting architecture. Our main route is a 3.7 km loop around the outskirts of downtown, starting from the riverfront and heading counter-clockwise. From here, it turns onto Boulevard de la Chainette, bends south on Boulevard Vauban and Boulevard du 11 Novembre, then turns east onto Boulevard Davout, back to the river. 

Longer Run: We recommend running this circuit in combination with La Coulée Verte, a pleasant packed dirt multi-use path radiating west from the river for 3.8 km.

  • 3.7 km with 3.8 km alternative/add-on
  • 34 meters
  • Tourism Office
  • Office Du Tourisme Bus Stop