Cairo, Egypt

Dokki Area

The Dokki area (Ad Doqi) is in Giza city, on the western bank of the Nile, directly across from downtown Cairo. It’s one of the more affluent, westernized areas of the city. One can put together a run in this area.

The Shooting Club is  a a good place to start. Run around the perimeter of the grounds. Then, run around some of the roads around the perimeter: Michal Bakhoum St, to Mossadak and then Mohi Al Din Abou Al Ezz St. If you run a bit further south, you can get to the Orman Botanical Garden and some of the pleasant paths around the campus of Cairo University.




  • 3-5 km, depending on roads chosen. The perimeter of the Shooting Club is about 2 km.
  • Shooting Club
  • The area is served by metro