Cape Cod, MA

Dennis Port Waterside Run

Dennis Port offers a classic Cape run. The area provides a combination of sandy beach roads along weathered beach cottages and seafood restaurants, some areas with fancier homes, shaded cottage-y side streets, and some beach side running.

We’ve mapped out two sections, as a guideline, but come up with your own route!

  • Old Wharf Rd. Start at Sea View Park. A trail leads through the park toward Inman Beach. Then enjoy a run along Chase Ave. and Old Wharf Rd., for nearly 2 miles. There are good water views most of the way. A there and back would be just short of 5 miles. To add mileage, enjoy the quiet, shaded residential side roads that run 1/2 mile between Lower County Rd. and Old Wharf Rd.
  • Davis Beach Rd. This is a 5-mile loop starting at Lower County Rd. and Lighthouse Rd. Lots of pleasant running along the water. Take Lighthouse Rd. down to Davis Beach Rd. The road runs along beach, with good water views. It is about 1 mile to the end. Turn back, and then enjoy the pleasant roads around Wrinkle Point and Kelleys Pond, which adds about 2 miles.

To combine these two runs, it is 0.8 miles along Lower County Rd., between Old Wharf Rd. and Lighthouse Rd. One can also run along the beach in both areas, situationally.

  • Old Wharf Rd route: 2 miles each way; Davis Beach Loop: 5.2 miles
  • Both are flat
  • Old Wharf route starts at Sea View Park; Davis Beach route starts at Lighthouse Rd.