Cape Cod, MA

Sandwich Tour

Sandwich is the oldest town on Cape Cod. One can put together a really pleasant run incorporating the quaint Main St., a residential historic district with classic Cape homes, a 1/4 mile boardwalk, beach, and jaunt by the water.

We start in the center of Sandwich on Main St., which has cute buildings and shops. Then head down Liberty St., which has a good sidewalk, crossing 6A into the historic residential district bordering Boardwalk Beach. Head down Boardwalk Rd., past the gate (free if no car), and cross the boardwalk. Careful — it’s narrow and there are lots of people! After crossing the boardwalk, you can enjoy a jaunt along the beach (which can be firm or soft sand depending on tides) as an add-on. Otherwise, turn left and run through the parking lot and head out of the beach area onto Freeman Ave., which has a nice 1/2 mile section along the water. The final 1.5 miles is a run along Town Neck Rd. and Tupper Rd. back to Sandwich Center, with nice occasional views of the water.

Add-Ons: One can run a good stretch along Boardwalk Beach. Sand can be hard and compact at times, or soft and rocky. Also, off Freeman Ave., you can add 1/2 mile with a jaunt down to the Coast Guard area.



  • 3.8 mile loop
  • Generally flat
  • Sandwich Center, Main St. & Rt. 130