Cape Cod, MA

Wellfleet – Great Island


Great Island is one of the most wonderful places to run on Cape Cod. The beach at Great Island is fantastic for running at low tides. The area is a popular walking/hiking trail, combining pine forest, mud flats, marshes, and a beautiful beach. It is a challenge to ‘run’ the full ~7 mile Great Island Trail, as the sections of the trail not on the beach are mainly soft sand. There is a trail from the parking lot that leads directly to the beach, where it’s possible to run as much as 3-miles to the end at Jeremy Point — but the amount you can run depends on the tides. From the parking lot, take the main trail, and after about 0.2 miles, you can decide to go left on the main walking trail or right to go to the beach. Please study a tide chart! Our map includes the full walk/hike trail.

Tide Chart  Trail Description

  • Up to 7 miles. 2–3 miles on beach, depending on tides
  • Generally flat
  • Parking lot
  • Parking lot to the left of the end of Chequesset Neck Rd., Wellfleet