Catalina Island, CA

Two Harbors Area – Spectacular Running!

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Two Harbors is the other other small coastal town on Catalina, with a very different vibe (= not touristy). It’s a lovely spot with a quiet beach, harborside restaurant, general store. This is the narrowest part of the island, with an isthmus connecting to Catalina Harbor. The best way to get there from Avalon is via a gorgeous ride on the Cyclone Boat ($15). Schedule varies by season. Transport info.

Road to Emerald Bay. Author Photo

Two Harbors to Emerald Bay. Stunning coastal run heading north for 5.5 miles to Emerald Bay, where there’s a campground and Boy Scout Site. The route is on a wide, relatively flat dirt road above the water, with great views the entire way. Starting in Two Harbors, just follow the main coastal road, which is called 4th of July Cove, Cherry Cove, Howland Landing, and Cove Rd. Longer Option: Continue another ~1.5 miles to Parsons Landing. This part is a bit more inland and hillier.

Road to Catalina Harbor. Author Photo

Two Harbors to Catalina Harbor. From Two Harbors, follow the dirt road to Catalina Harbor. This is lovely, flat, 1/2 mile run, and you can see the water on the other side of the island. Once at Catalina Harbor, there are dirt roads above the water on each side for another ~ 1 mile or so, before they head inland and become more rugged and hilly. Follow Ballast Point Rd.





  • Coastal route: 7.1 miles (11.4 km) one-way, though to avoid steepest part we recommend ~10 miles out and back to Emerald Bay; The route to Catalina Habror is 2.2 miles out and back
  • Coastal route: 1018 feet (in one-way), most of which is past Emerald Bay
  • Two Harbors