Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL

Clearwater – Bayshore Blvd., Ream Wilson Trail, Safety Harbor

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There is wonderful running in Clearwater, between the Gulf to Bay Blvd. (Rt. 60) and Safety Harbor Marina. A dedicated running path, called the Ream Wilson Trail, runs parallel to N.Bayshore Blvd., for 3 miles one-way between the causeway and Safety Harbor. There are water views for about half of the route, and other sections with a pleasant canopy.There’s a small lake loop at Coopers Bayou Park.

The trail ends at Safety Harbor Waterfront Park,  but for a longer run, continue along N. Bayshore Blvd. to Phillippe Park, which is another two miles. There is a good sidewalk and pleasant water views.

We also recommend a brief jaunt around Safety Harbor: historic Main St. has a nice canopy and many shops & restaurants. There are also some pleasant residential side streets off Main St. that are nice for running.

Add-On/Variant: A branch of the  Ream Wilson Trail heads west off Bayshore Blvd. through a series of linear parks, which is very pleasant for running. It’s just south of Coopers Bayou Park. A loop to Del Oro and Kapok Park & back is 4 miles. MAP


  • 3 miles one-way from Gulf to Bay Blvd. (Rt. 60) and Safety Harbor Waterfront Park; 2 more miles to Phillippe Park
  • Anywhere along this trail