Coeur d'Alene, ID

Canfield Mountain

Sure, Canfield Mountain has some significant elevation gain, but this climb to “The Island” is gentle enough to not be intimidating. The best running route up the mountain starts from the parking area on North Nettleton Gulch Road. It follows USFS Road 1562 until the intersection with Trail A. Then, it follows Trail A to Trail 6, Trail 7, and back to Trail A. Finally, it meets the Cave Trail (Trail 4) and bypasses an old mining cave before returning to the start. Most of the trails are smooth dirt, though there may be some sections with loose rock. As a round trip, this loop is 5.4 miles, with a 1,000+ elevation gain. 

  • 5.6 miles
  • 1052 feet
  • North Nettleton Gulch Road
  • North Nettleton Gulch Road