Corsica, France

Corsica: Easier Trail Running Options

Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Two-thirds of Corsica is mountains — there are 120 summits of more than 2,000m. Hikers and trail runners love the extensive network of hiking trails, including the famed GR 20, a 200 km challenging hiking trail that’s one of the most scenic in Europe. Many of the trails are more appropriate for the experienced trail runner. Here, we recommend some of the easier trail running options on Corsica: not too technical or hilly, with decent footing. See our overview map on the Corsica home page for trailhead locations.

Sentier des Dounaniers. A 19 km trail at northern end of the island. This natural reserve, features paths along and above beaches, past lush fields, and above blue waters. The trail starts near Tollare. The easiest section for running is between Tamarone Beach and Santa Maria Beach. There’s also an easier section around the Plage de Barcaggio (beach).

Calanques de Piana. A gorgeous spot for a hilly run of up to 9 km on a paved hiking trail famous for its red rock cliffs. It’s 9 km between Piana and Port caché. Piana is at the top, so it’s a 500m ascent/decent, depending on what you do. For some shade, you can explore the trails of the Foret de Piana (forest) – they’re interior from the Tête de Chien area.

Foret de l’ospedale. Numerous hiking trails in this large pine forest on the west side of Ospedale Lake.

Sentier des Crêtes. Starts near the center of Ajaccio. Moderate trail running on a sandy, interior trail. Up to 10 km. It’s a climb, but less technical than many other trails on Corsica.

Tower of Omigna Hike. From just past the Hôtel Restaurant Ta Kladia, a fairly easy and scenic trail leads for 3.5 km out to the Tour Génoise d’Omigna – Torra Ghjenuvese d’Omigna. The footing is decent and it’s not too hilly.

Randonnée Capu di Muru. This is an easier trail run to the Capu di Muru tower. 5.4 km out and back, not too hilly, decent footing.

Desert des Agriates. This is a barren, wild and beautiful wilderness based west of Saint-Florent, along the coast and around Mont Genova, in the Balagne region of northern Corsica. It is the only official desert in Europe, though it’s more scrubland than classic ‘desert’ terrain. For running, there’s a 40 km coastal trail between Ostriconi to Saint Florent. This is a fairly challenging trail run, owing to the footing and exposure. There’s also a large network of interior paths that are rugged and remote.





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