Costa Rica

Jaco Beach

Jaco is one of the liveliest towns in Puntarenas, known for its great nightlife and high-octane adventure tourism. Best running options in the area:

Jaco Beach. The beach here is popular among tourists, and a great spot for a 4.75 km (3 mile) one-way run. Just use caution when swimming — there is a strong rip current here. There are also a couple of rivers which empty into the sea at this beach, so runners should be prepared to remove their shoes or get them wet!

Playa Herradura to the north, a small serene beach tucked into a bay at the base of rolling hills, and Playa Hermosa to the south, a long, quiet stretch of dark sand. ‘

Road Running Option: The unpaved road at the southern end of Playa Hermosa sees very little traffic and is a good alternative for a coastal run without all the sand. it goes for 5.5 km (3.3 miles). See the Costa Rica overview running map.

Tide Chart
  • Beach: 4.75 km (3 miles) one-way; Road Run: ~5.5 km one-way
  • Flat