Coeur d'Alene, ID

Route of the Hiawatha

Flickr: Randy

One of the most scenic rail trails in the United States, the Route of the Hiawatha is a worthwhile day trip from Coeur d’Alene. Located in Lookout Pass, this route is along a former rail line that’s now 15-mile gravel path, featuring 10 train tunnels and 7 sky-high trestles, and great views. The trail winds gently downhill from Pearson to East Portal.

The route is set up for bikers (or ambitious runners) to do the trail one way and take a shuttle back.  But there are numerous access points and parking areas, so runners can choose to just do a section.

  • Up to 15 miles one-way
  • It's mainly downhill from Portal to Peaston
  • Portal is the nothern end -- but there are other access points and parking areas
  • Numerous access points and parking areas