While Birdsland doesn’t have the pull of the 1000 steps or Sherbrooke Forest, there are still great trails and views. The name ‘Birdsland’ is from a previous owner, the Birds family, not from the array of birds that frequent the area. There are myriad running options in the area. An easy, flat and lovely route is the 2.5 km loop around the lake. We’ve also provided two options for the trails in the hills behind the lake, that are accessed from the Lake Loop. The Birdsland Reserve is also home to Parkrun, a free group 5k held every Saturday morning. Course map and info here.

Lake Loop. One of the easier, flatter options in the area. The 2.5 km loop starts by heading out of the carpark/picnic area and across the small bridge. Follow Monbulk Creek on your left before arriving at the T intersection  in front of the main Monbulk Creek retarding basis (e.g. Birdsland Lake). Go right and follow the lake around until turning right again just before reaching the T intersection to follow Monbulk Creek back to the carpark.

Short Trail Loop. This route builds on the shorter lake loop option above and has one significant climb. At the top point of the lake loop figure eight (above), follow the path up (past the concrete bunker on the right) to the gap in the fence that crosses into the hilly trail area. Follow Dargon Track to the left, then right up the very steep hill on Abrahams Track. At the top, at the 3 km (1.9 miles) mark, follow Abrahams Track to the left then down the hill on Granite Track. Turn right back onto Abrahams Track to follow it around to the start.

Long Trail Loop. This builds on the short loop, adding a second climb. Rather than turning right onto Granite Track, continue on Abrahams Track around the back side of the Park where you will run alongside Wellington Road, and join onto Granite Track to climb up to the boulders. After just over 8 km/5 miles, take Dragon Track on the left back to the start.


  • Lake Loop: 2.5 km; Short Trail Loop: 7.2 km (4.5 miles); Long Trail Loop: 11.2 km (7 miles)
  • Lake loop: flat; Short Trail Loop: 148m(486 feet); Long Loop: 241m (791 feet)
  • Main Birdsland carpark. Alternatives: Mt Morton Rd. or Nixon Rd. (off Glenfern Rd.)
  • Car needed. The main Birdsland carpark is located 47km from Melbourne via Monash Fwy and Wellington Road.