Dandedong Ranges, Australia

RJ Hamer Forest Arboretum

Wimimedia Commons

The RJ Hamer Forest Arboretum is 120 hectares of organised forest, consisting of over 150 species of native and exotic trees. Located just east of Olinda, the area includes numerous trails to highlight the tranquil beauty and stunning scenery, with views across Silvan Dam, the Yarra Valley and out to the Warburton Ranges. The area comes alive during autumn due to the array of autumn colours.

The trails are undulating and can be steep in parts, but they are quite wide and feature a good surface. Note: the signage/waymarking is not especially good. Our main loop option of ~11 km follows the Arboretum lengthwise. Due to the overlapping nature of some of the trails, there might be a DIY element here. Our loop is meant as a guide since some of the trails are not named or are not well-marked. A shorter loop of 4 km follows the outline of Silvan Rd. up to Boundary Rd. Toilets, BBQ and picnic facilities can be found at the main carpark off Chalet Road, at the Woolrich Lookout. Further information and a map can be found here.

  • Long Loop: 11 km (6.8 miles); Short Loop: 4 km (2.5 miles)
  • Lake Loop: 68m (223 feet); Trail Route: 247m (810 feet)
  • Main carpark off Chalet Road, at the Woolrich Lookout.