Düsseldorf, Germany

Hofgarten and Rheinpark

Wikimedia Commons

The most attractive running in Düsseldorf is in fairly compact geographic area — including the Altstadt (old city), Rhine River paths, and major parks. Here, we combine two of Düsseldorf’s main parks — the classic, staid Hofgarten, and the more recreationally oriented Rheinpark. They can of course be done standalone, or can be easily connected via a quick jaunt on the Rhine.

Hofgarten is the oldest park in Düsseldorf. It’s about 1.2 km end-to-end. The highlights are the the classic, tree-lined alleés, beautiful landscaping, meadows, and a couple of lakes. Be sure to do the Reitallee and the Maximilian-Weyhe-Allee. See this orientation map. Good park history and information.

Rheinpark. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Just to the north, continue through some of Düsseldorf’s main cultural centers — the NRW-Forum, Museum Kunstpalast, Glasmuseum, and the Concert Hall, into Rheinpark Golzheim. This park is the most popular spot in Düsseldorf for jogging. It’s ~2.5 km from end-to-end, though interior paths allow for a longer run. Lovely meadows, poplars, birch and maple trees, and good views of the river and skyline. The total route including Hofpark and Rheinpark to the Theodor-Heuss bridge is 3.3 km one-way.

Longer Run: You can also continue further north on the Rhine Path toward the Convention Center and Botanical Garden (adds ~2 km). South, of Hofgarten, use the Rhine paths or along the Königsstraße. Good subway access allows for a one-way run!

  • Both parks: 3.3 km one-way; Can easily add north or south with Rhine paths, Altstadt.
  • Flat
  • Anywhere along route. We start at the Goethe Museum in Hofpark
  • U-Bahn runs along Kaiserstraße for a good one-way run