El Paso, TX

Rio Grande Trail


The Rio Grande Trail is the best opportunity for a long, fairly flat off-road run in El Paso. The dirt/gravel trail runs along the Rio Grande, part of the Rio Grande Riverpark Trail System, for up to 10.6 miles, from Country Club Rd., north to the New Mexico Border. For the first 4.5 miles, the path is on the west bank of the river, then it shifts to the east bank. It’s fairly flat, with an elevation gain of only 270 feet over nearly 11 miles. Even though the trail is along the Rio Grande, the riverbed is often dry, so there aren’t always ‘water views’. Can be hot and dusty!

Key distances, heading north from Country Club Rd. (cumulative, mi/km):

2.0/3.2        SR 178
4.5/7.3        St. Patrick’s Church/Canutillo
7.6/12.2      Vinton Rd.
10.6/17.0    New Mexico Border


  • Up to 10.6 miles (17 km) one-way
  • 270 feet (83) one-way, heading north
  • Anywhere convenient
  • Parking at businesses at either end