El Paso, TX

Westside Community Park

El Paso County Parks & Recreation

Located in the Three Hills Recreation Area, Westside Community Park offers a few miles of easy, pleasant trails for running in an open preserve. Create your own route on numerous overlapping trails in this open area. It’s about 3.5 miles around the full perimeter, along gentle, rolling hill terrain. The desert scenery can be picturesque, with nice views of the surrounding mountains, particularly around sunset.

There’s a recreation center in the park, which has restrooms, water, and other facilities. There’s also a posted map with trail options and distances in the park.

  • 3.3 mile (5.4 km) Perimeter Loop
  • Gentle rolling hills
  • Parking area at rec center.
  • Parking at rec center. Also access at El Paso Public Library Dorris Van Doren Branch