Fairbanks, AK

Trail Network Around Beaver Sports

Courtesy Beaver Sports

Beaver Sports is one of the top running, cycling, and adventure sports shops in Fairbanks. Part of the reason they’re so well-loved? The store’s parking lot backs up against a network of trails more than 25 miles long. Unfortunately, the area gets kind of swampy in the summertime, but winter provides plenty of opportunities for a run on snow-packed trails. (Pick up a pair of IceBug studded shoes or other traction aids in the shop). There isn’t a good online map of the trails, but the folks behind the counter can point you in the right direction. Most of the paths can be found between Lutke Avenue and Farmers Loop Road, heading northeast from the store. Runners can also use the store as a starting point to run the bike path along Farmers Loop Road, or head south along University Ave to reach the Johannsen Expressway bike path. Alternatively, runners can head east on the College Road sidewalk to reach Creamer’s Field.

  • ~25 miles of trails
  • Varies
  • Beaver Sports Store
  • College Road/Hess Bus Stop