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Marathon is at approximately the half way point down the Keys and is one of the more popular vacation spots. There are three good running spots in this area:

  • Overseas Heritage Trail.  Just north, from Curry Hammock State Park to Tom’s Harbor Cut (MM 54-62) and just south, from Knights Bridge (MM 47) to Duck Key.
  • In Marathon. Coco Plum Drive is pleasant for running, with a bike path paralleling the road for most of the road from Rt. 1 to the end, 2 miles one-way. There are NOT water views for most of this route.  Just south of that is the Sadowski Causeway to Key Colony Beach, which is a pleasant  1.1 mile run to end of E. Ocean Dr. and then 1 mile to end of W Ocean Dr./Sandy Point, or a total of 3.5 miles incorporating both sections. There are some nice water views here, and a decent shoulder for running.
  • South of Marathon. Sombrero Beach Rd. (Rt. 931).  About 2 miles along a flat, lit bike path separated from the road. For a longer run, combine with Sombrero Beach Blvd. for a 6.7 mile loop.
Overseas Heritage Trail Route


  • Coco Plum Dr.: 4 miles out and back; Sadowski Causeway route: 3.5 miles out and back (Can be combined); Sombrero Beach Loop: 4 miles out and back or 6.7 full loop
  • Flat
  • For Sombrero Beach Loop, can park at High School