Galveston, TX

Historic Districts Tour

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Galveston has several well-preserved historic districts downtown that make for an excellent ‘runseeing’ tour. The main historic area is between 26th St. and 10th St. from west to east, between the bay and Seawall Ave. Rather than map a specific route, we recommend an exploratory run around this area, taking in the historic district’s streets.  Enjoy Victorian area homes and and some grand commercial buildings. Among the highlights:

  • Strand Historic District. The main shopping area along the Strand, and the one non-residential Historic District.
  • East End Historic District. Lovely Victorian homes, north of Broadway, between 19th and 10th.
  • Lost Bayou Historic District. South of Broadway to Avenue N, and 21st to 15th.
  • Silk Stocking Historic District. South of Broadway to Avenue P, from 26th to 23rd.