Geneva, Switzerland

Arve River Run

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The Arve River branches off the Rhone at an area in Geneva called La Joncion (Junction). A pleasant waterside run is along the Arve, down to the Bout-du-Monde, a “Centre Sportif”. One can run above both sides of the river, on paths that alternate between sidewalk and dedicated walking or cycling path. The view of the river is obscured by trees in spots.

A good starting point is in the Plantpais neighborhood at the Pont des Acasias, on the east side. Run south, just short of 1 km to the Pont de Carouge, and cross to the west side. Run for 1 km to the Pont du Val d’Arve, and cross over into the Bout-du-Monde, a sporting center that features a 1.3 km running course, a track, and facilities for numerous other sports. Do the loop and then run on the western side of the river, back to the Pont des Acasias. For a longer option, run up to the Pont de Saint-Georges, which adds another 2.5 km loop.

Bout Du Monde Info & Map


  • Short option: 5.6 km (3.5 miles); Long option: 8.1 km (5.1 miles)
  • 125 feet
  • Pont des Acasias in the Plantpais neighborhood
  • 125 feet