Geneva, Switzerland

Rhône River Run


This is a run along one of the two rivers coursing through Geneva, the Rhône. The path along the water is not as seamless as that along the Arve, but this is still an enjoyable route incorporating the water, parks, and bridges.

A good spot to start is the Pont de la Coulouvrenière. Run on the southern side of the river along a pleasant waterside path, and then along the ‘Junction’ of the two rivers, out to City Park. Great water views, and of the viaduct. Retrace your steps briefly, to the pedestrian bridge heading back over the river, and then along the Avenue du Cimetière, which passes by a woods park, cemetery, and zoo. Then it’s time to cross back over the river on the Pont de Butin. The next 2 km section is a little more industrial. Run on the path paralleling Avenue d’Aire, right on Rue du Contrat-Social, to Rue St.-Jean and then to the riverside path (quai), for 1.5 km to the Pont des Bergues, which offers a scenic pedestrian crossing. It’s then 1/2 km back to the start.

For a longer run, wooded path along the river goes from Pont Butin to the Intercommunal Center of Sports, for 2 km, where you can do another 2 km around the paths there (including a track!), back to the Pont Butin, for a 7 km add-on.

Add-on/Options: A scenic 1 km loop of the Place de l’Ile; 7 km add-on to Sports Center; Connect to Promenade du Lac at Pont des Bergues.

  • 8.6 km (5.3 miles); Add-Ons: ~1 km Place de l'Ile tour; 7 km out and back to Sports Center
  • 350 feet; Add-On is 178 feet
  • Pont de la Coulouvrenière
  • Transit: Stand